3D Assets

What we do

Our speciality is creating photorealistic 3D stock models / asssets for animations, movies, games, AR & VR, visualizations, product marketing, product design, 3D printing and others. These 3D Assets are used by a wide variety of professionals like 3D Artists, Designers, Product Developers, Business People, Scientist, Marketers, Video Games Developers and Salespeople. With more than 10 years of experience we have learned how to produce assets for various needs and purposes. Explore bellow the different types of 3D models we create and offer to our clients.

Highly Detailed Models

These are high poly 3D assets with highly detailed textures that are used in closeups, in different kinds of presentations, renderings as well as in movies. The creation of highly detailed models is usually complex and more time consuming than regular 3D assets and they also require a lot of skills and patience. We have experience in the production of hard surface and organic models of any kind, from vehicles and architecture to animals, characters, biological and anatomical 3D models.

Game-Ready Models

We have experience in creating game assets for computer and console games that require low and mid poly 3D models. Most of the models in our collection were created with a game-ready mindset. That means that we create a mid poly model with a highly detailed texture, ready to be decimated to a specific level or used as is. We use subdivision to present our 3D assets but we also make sure that the base mesh is suitable for game usage. When it comes to texturing we are using the PBR metallic workflow using Substance Painter for texturing. That way we can guarantee a high level of compatibility of the 3D asset between softwares and game engines. 

3D Character Models

We love creating characters and believe it to be one of the most rewarding types of work that we do for clients.3D Characters are used for a variety of mediums including video games, movies, illustration and commercial advertising. If you are trying to tell a story, express emotion or sell a product through unique ways, 3D Characters are precisely what you need. They can express feelings, carry a message and transform an idea into a digital medium. As time is of great importance, we have developed efficient techniques for high-quality results which can have the full development of a character from 3-8 weeks based on the complexity of the character.


Vehicle 3D Models

We produce vehicle 3D assets of any kind - bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses, trains, ships, airplanes, helicopters and spacecraft. Our speciality is to research and find ways to create the hardest parts of any vehicle - the interior the inner door's mechanism as well as the undercarriage and engine. Depending on your needs for the 3D assets we can create different levels of detail. For example, a car seen in an architectural visualization doesn't need an detailed interior or undercarriage because it will only be visible from a far. In contrast a vehicle rendered for close up shots need a lot of detail.