3D Outsourcing Services

What is 3D Outsourcing

3D Outsourcing is the delegation of digital work from a big production company ( studio ) to contractors all around the world. As an outsourcing contractor ourselves we provide the needed 3D Services with high efficiency, accuracy and speed. Outsourcing can also be done on a smaller scale, not with big projects but rather with individual model(s). The types of outsourced 3D services usually range from concept design and prototyping to 3D modeling and texturing, 3D scanning, environments and scenes creation as well as animations for Games, Movies, AR and VR, Presentations and of course Production and Marketing.

our production

Our production never skips a beat, we are constantly creating 3D assets. Our way of doing this is in batches of similar 3D models. Producing in this fashion allows us to work fast, efficiently and to keep our production cost down. In addition, we have developed our own photogrammetry pipeline for scanning a wide range of objects in various sizes and shapes. The workflow we have chosen is the metal-roughness PBR, which makes our models easy to export and highly compatible between 3D software and game engines like 3Ds Max ( V-ray, Metal ray ), Maya ( V-ray, Metal ray ), Unreal, Unity, Physical etc.

Individual Models - We provide Stock models and Game models ( High/Low Poly geometry ). All texturing is done using PBR metallic workflow which guarantees high compatibility of results between softwares. In addition, we offer custom rigging and skinning of characters as well as machinery. We have experience with product design and we can help you bring your idea into a tangible 3D Model. Once the design is completed we can also provide CAD 3D models for the production of the finished product.

Modification of Existing Models - We offer modification of existing models from our catalog or modification of models you have - geometry fixes, texture update or remake, adding or removing detail, converting to PBR workflow. If you see something in our catalog that needs to be modified for your needs contact us and we can do it quickly and for a reasonable price.

Batches of Models - We have years of experience in producing monthly batches of 3D models complete with PBR metallic texture workflow. When it comes to large batches of 3D assets we always do a few models ahead of the rest in order to work out the proper pipeline for your needs. We keep you informed at all times about the development of the project and provide screenshots and renders at the end of each production stage and we schedule time for feedbacks and changes. Our current capacity is between 40 and 70 PBR models per month, depending on the level of complexity and the number of variations. 

Scanning Assets - We offer 3D Scanning services, using photogrammetry and our own custom build setups and pipeline for creating top quality 3D models. Some advantages of our 3D Scanned assets are the perfect topology, the extremely high detailed texturing ( up to 16k resolution ) with no blurred or problematic zones, PBR metallic workflow which ensures full compatibility between softwares and the best part is the price. We have created hundreds of game ready assets and we have also worked on combining those assets into scenes and environments. We also use Photogrammetry to create scanned environment 3D assets with very high level of detail and accuracy.

Why Tornado Studios

We strive for excellence in every single asset. With more than 12 years of experience in the creation of 3D Models, we can produce both hard surface and organic assets. Our 3D Stock models are top quality and we are always looking for ways to be better and improve, finding new ways to achieve photorealism like photogrammetry. This is why we also create our own scripts and optimizations, to save you and our time. At the moment our team consists of 20 artists with a wide variety of skills, ranging from modeling and texturing to rigging and animation, as well as scripting. We know how to produce high-quality 3D assets within a tight deadline, thanks to the dedication and hard work of our team members. In recent years we have provided our clients with PBR models, both high and low poly for games, movies, marketing needs, design, production, 3D printing etc. 

How is the pricing defined?

When we formulate the pricing for your project we take into consideration a few factors. Mainly those are the type and complexity of the task. For example a 3D Frog Model is an organic modeling and sculpting task with medium complexity. If we add rigging and animation to the project, then the complexity jumps to high.

Another factor we take into consideration is the time it would take us to finish the task(s). With experience also comes wisdom, so we know how much time a particular model will take us to make.Check the graph below to get a better idea of the time it takes us to finish various types of models. Bare in mind that with our team of artists we create several models at once at any given time.


We offer outsourcing services to a range of different types of clients - 3D Studios, Game Studios, Movie Studios, Marketing Agencies, TV production studios, Universities, Museums, Business Owners, Designers, Product Developers, Architects as well as 3D enthusiasts all over the world.

Once the type and complexity of the model have been established and we know how much time it will take us we proceed to the final element of the price formation. That element is the scope of the project. In other words if you have a large batch of assets we can guarantee a competitive price, because of the workload.