3D Modeling Services

Types of modeling services

Creating 3D Models is our bread and butter, so if you need an individual model or a batch of assets, we can help you with that. For the past 12 years, we have been specializing in creating 3D models for companies and individuals just like you. Here are the 3D modeling services that we offer in categories: Vehicle Modeling, Product Modeling - a real object or a concept, Game Modeling - low poly 3D assets and environments, Character Modeling - realistic or cartoon, Architectural Modeling, Batch Modeling - a set or list of 3D models, Custom Modeling - product design, concept work, prototyping and others. Find out more bellow, or contact us with a question.


Car / Vehicle 3D Modeling

Creating a high-quality 3D Vehicle can be challenging at times, and there are multiple ways to approach it. A car, for example, can be 3D modeled with the help of blueprints and photos ( Image-Based Modeling ). It can also be created using a CAD 3D file as a reference. Also, a car can be modeled without the help of blueprints and CAD files or photos, using only sketches and concepts of the desired asset. The production time of a vehicle can vary between two and eight weeks, depending on the complexity and the available references. The final output can be either subdivision 3D model or a Game Ready optimized model.

Product / Batch 3D Modeling

Our speciality is the creation of individual photorealistic 3D models, which we can also do in batches ( several at a time ). We have much experience in both hard surface and organic 3D modeling. In the past few years, we have created several thousand 3D stock products using the PBR metal roughness workflow, which guarantees high compatibility between different software and engines. The final output can be either a subdivisional model or a low poly game-ready asset, ( with or without LODs )  based on your needs.


Character 3D Modeling

Creating 3D characters can be a complicated and time-consuming task. It requires experience, skill and much patience. Fortunately, we got all three, from the initial research and design to the final details like hair and clothing, we know the steps and the pitfalls. 3D Characters are used for a variety of mediums, including video games, movies, illustration,  and commercial advertising. If you are trying to tell a story, express emotion or sell a product through unique ways, 3D Characters are precisely what you need. They can express feelings, carry a message and transform an idea into a digital medium.


Architectural 3D Modeling

In recent years the Architectural Visualization industry has reached new levels of photorealism and flexibility. 3D Renderings are now the norm when it comes to presenting your project as an architect or visual artist. The market is more and more competitive as studios and individuals race against the deadlines, trying to achieve photorealistic results. This is where we come in, with our capacity to quickly model and produce 3D architectural elements as well as entire sets, we can help you to populate your scene or create it from scratch. 

Custom 3D Modeling

So what do we regard as custom 3D modeling? This is the type of 3D modeling that is somewhat outside of traditional categories when it comes to the subject of the project. For example, the object could be an abstract concept or a subatomic particle, maybe a concept product or a prototype to test a particular idea. We have experience in bringing abstract ideas to 3D assets and even to tangible 3D printed ( or moulded) objects, so share your vision with us and let us help you bring it into reality.

What we can do for you


People all over the world use 3D Models for personal projects and presentations as well as for professional purposes as in Movies, Games, Augmented Reality ( AR), Virtual Reality ( VR ), 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, Product Design and Manufacturing, Interior and Exterior design, Visualization etc. Having your physical product represented as a 3D asset on your website gives your customers the opportunity to preview it as a 360-degree video and imagine using it.

3D can be used to better market your products or services and therefore boost your sales as well as give you a competitive advantage over your rival businesses. And we all know that competition on the internet is substantial. A good competitive advantage may mean the difference between surviving and thriving. We use an advanced production system that is suitable for large batches of models as well as for individual products. No matter how small or big is your project, we take personal care on it. 

3D Modeling Services


  • Image-Based Modeling ( Real Objects )
  • 3D CAD Modeling ( Real Objects )
  • Subdivision Modeling 
  • Game Ready Modeling ( No Subdivision )
  • Hard Surface Modeling
  • Organic Modeling
  • Modeling for 3D Printing
  • Modeling for Prototyping 
  • Modeling for Product Design
  • Modeling for Production ( CAD )



For starters, 3D modeling creates the surface of the object. In most occasions, we also need the colors ( textures ) and materials ( shaders ), which both need proper UV Mapping. These steps follow the modeling stage and require a different level of expertise, sometimes outside the 3D modeling software. After these processes, it’s time to put lights in the scene and render our finished product. The rendering process is where you get the final images and videos of the 3D Model. Also, some models, like characters, animals or machinery, may require rigging and or skinning to animate them and to use them dynamically ( posing for different shots ). All of those additional services to modeling can be calculated at the start of the project, once the information gathering phase is complete.