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  • Due to the high level of accuracy, speed and as well as high-quality results, 3D Scanning has a wide range of applications for design, prototyping, inspection, simulations, visualisations and 3d printing. Industries that use 3d Scanning are exceptionally versatile and range from  Aerospace and Automotive, through  Product development, Arts, Medical and Forensic Archaeology, among others.
  • 3D Scanning is a rapid and precise process of creating digital 3D models from real-world physical objects. This process can be used on virtually any object or area to capture the physical dimensions, shape and texture accurately and transform it into a digital three-dimensional object. 
  • With the ever-growing customer demand for photorealist 3D models, top companies around the world are moving away from traditional photography based presentations. That's why we have developed custom 3D Scanning and photogrammetry systems to meet that demand. With new developments, like Augmented and Virtual Reality, people can now engage with the product and imagine using it.
  • Scanned Apples - Granny Smith Golden Delicious
  • Scanned Clay Pots and Spur Gear
  • Scanned Fruits Galia Melon Mango Banana
  • Scanned Vegtables Clean Potato Sweet
  • Scanned Broken Concrete Pieces
  • Scanned Pumpkins
  • Scanned Broken Bricks
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Scanning - Capturing the surface of the object with millimetre accuracy as a dense point cloud resulting in a high polycount 3d mesh. With our custom rig and workflow, we manage to capture even fine detail along the surface of the asset. No matter what shape, size or material the object is, we have solutions for each of those cases. The secret to scanning complex objects is in the control of the conditions during the process.

Clean up - Once the scan is completed, and the processing is done, we end up with the high-resolution 3D model. However, no scan is ever perfect at this stage, and this is why every 3D asset goes through cleaning. That's why we smooth out the surface by removing unnecessary noise but preserving the high-quality details to get the object in print-ready format. This process can take anything from an hour to a day of work, depending on the complexity of the object and the level of detail needed.

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Detail Еnhancement - An artist will hand sculpt additional detail to enhance the features of the scan and improve on it based on your requirements. This is a process that requires expertise and a sharp eye for detail. The features of the model are complimented, while micro detail is fixed and added. Depending on the complexity of the asset, there may be areas that either cannot be appropriately scanned or the surface contains hair, fur or dust. In such cases, we carefully resculpted those areas once the dense scan is calculated. 

Photogrammetry - Capturing the texture of the surface with ultra-high accuracy and applying it to the high-density mesh. We have experience in taking detailed photos of different types of assets in a controlled environment. Our setup consists of two lightboxes with custom light, an automated, portable custom rig with several cameras as well as an outdoor photography setup. Thanks to all that we can handle big batches of objects in various sizes and shapes. For landscape photogrammetry and using drone setups for aerial photography, contact us and find out more.

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Retopology - At this stage of the process, we have the dense high polygonal mesh, clean or resculpted with a great texture, but an unusable UV mapping. So what we do here is to recreate the geometry of the 3D asset, making an entirely new mesh that is much less dense and easier to use. All the surface detail and texture information are then baked into the new geometry, using different maps within the metallic roughness PBR workflow. The retopology step is critical to make the scanned model usable within projects and animations. The final geometry can even be decimated down to Low Poly or a Game Ready version of the original 3D asset, saving the texture quality and detail.

PBR Textures and Materials - Our team of visual 3D artists use the newly created mesh and textures to create PBR materials that are compatible between software and are perfect for any Production Renderer or Game engine. As already mentioned, we use the metallic roughness workflow when creating the materials of all of our scanned content.

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Coconut Scan 3D ModelCoconut Scan Wireframe

Why Tornado Studios?

We are a leading company in 3D scanning and Photogrammetry in Bulgaria. With our extensive experience, we offer a wide range of services using technologies like 3D scanning, Macro, Areal and Video Photogrammetry with which we can capture any objects such as small items, large buildings, aerial scenes, shiny and transparent objects. We take customer projects to heart, and our goal is always to give you the best product that will fit your project and will nurture its success. 


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Price calculation

The quotes are custom, based on your project needs, quality level, timeframe and volume. The bigger your project is, the smaller the price per scan. Whether you are a company with a lot of products or an individual with a personal project, we can offer you a quote based pricing to match your expectations. As a team of artists, we are capable of producing multiple scans at once and offer you speed and high quality on all of your assets. Above you saw the steps/services needed for the production of a photorealistic 3D model. Depending on your needs, the production method may include all or some of these stages.


Additional services and how they change the price?

If you are looking to get your scan into a game engine or a production renderer and create stunning images or animation, we can offer you full support on that too. Our artist team have more than 15 years of experience in the creation of high-quality digital 3D assets, and in addition to scanning, we offer the following services:-

  • Lighting - Creating a scene with lights individually calibrated to enhance your product in shape and texture.
  • Animation - Creating movement for your object, whether it is a mechanical part that rotates or a statue that comes to life.
  • Simulations - Are you imagining your product in Flames, Snow, Rain or Explosions? We can simulate almost any physical phenomenon and make your ideas come to life.
  • Rendering - Once the scene is ready and you want to get your product onto images or video, here comes the Rendering. We offer Rendering services with our rendering farm partners, that can take on any sized project.
  • Post-production - After the Rendering, we can work on those files and enhance the quality of your product by colour correction, labels and voice adding. Preparation for printing - If your end product is a regular or 3D print, we offer support so you will have smooth and painless prints with the right colours and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry is a technical process that uses cameras to turn almost any object into a 3D model. We make photos from all sides, of the object. These photos are then processed and used to generate the 3D object. This 3D object can then be modified and used for many different purposes including Gaming, 3D Printing, 3D Art, Videos / Animations / Movies, AR & VR etc.

What is the difference between Photogrammetry and Scanning?

Photogrammetry is a method used to scan real-world objects and to turn them into 3D models. Photogrammetry is a method of Scanning an object. Another way to scan an object is with lasers instead of cameras. Both methods can generate highly photorealistic 3D assets that can be easily used for a variety of purposes. Scanned models find a way within a variety of industries, including but not limited to Movie, Game, AR & VR, Marketing, Architecture, Production and TV industries and many, many others.

What kind of objects can you scan?

We have the capability of scanning a wide variety of objects. That adds up to thousands of objects. We are great at scanning small to medium-sized objects as well as environment assets such as rocks, trees, foliage and ground surface. In addition, we can scan clothing and tiny objects such as insects. We are making steady progress towards the production of our photogrammetry rig for scanning people. 

In general, the objects that are difficult or impossible to scan are transparent and reflective objects, as well as soft objects that don't have a definite shape. Our R&D efforts have led us to develop workflows that allow us to scan any reflective object. We even have made progress with some ways to scan transparent objects that involve a bit more work and patience.

What do you offer - Raw Scan Data vs Edited Product ?

We designed our pipeline in such a way that we transform every scan into a beautiful 3D asset. Our assets have clean topology and outstanding texture. The product at the end of our process is suitable for close up shots but also ideal for in-game use ( game engines ). More than that the final asset is 3D printable as well as perfect for Augmented or Virtual Reality uses. 

Can you scan people?

We are currently at the research & development stage of the creation of our photogrammetry dome for scanning people. Stay tuned for more information as well as test and photos from the development of our rig.

Can you scan large objects?

Yes, we can. We use drones for scanning big objects, including buildings and terrains.

Can you scan transperant objects?

There is a method used to scan transparent objects involving painting the object so that all the shapes can be adequately visible. Once the 3D scan and processing are complete, the 3D model is given a transparent material ( glass, plastic ), matching the original object.

Can you scan plants and foliage ?

Yes, we have recently begun to work with foliage and plant scanning. Keep an eye on our website, showcase and online portfolio for updates on vegetation scanning.