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What we do

We are a 3D Graphics and Animation studio specializing in the production of Photorealistic 3D Stock Models using traditional methods like modeling and sculpting as well as scanning in the form of photogrammetry. We provide 3D Models that are used in Movies, Games, AR & VR (augmented and virtual reality), Architecture, 3D Printing, Advertising, Software Development etc. Our workflow centres around the production of PBR (physically based rendering) assets that are compatible between different 3D software and game engines. We are proficient in rigging and animation for organic and non-organic models, ranging from characters and animals to machinery and simulations.

3D Modeling Services

We offer a wide variety of expertise in creating 3D assets for Games, Movies, Animations, Presentations, 3D Printing, Product Development, AR&VR, Environments, Product Design and Production as well as 3D assets for Architectural and Interior Visualizations. You are an experienced user of 3D models or business, maybe a studio? Great, what we can offer you is a quote based pricing for big batches of 3D assets. As a team of 3D artists, we produce several models at once.

3D Mercedes Beauty Shot3D Mercedes Wireframe
  • Asus WS X299 PRO Motherboard 3D Model
  • Iron Man Comparisson 3D Model
  • Olympic Stadium 3D Model
  • Spanish Galleon 3D Model
  • Praying Mantis 3D Model
  • Low Poly Webley Stadium 3D Model
  • Opportunity Rover 3D Model
Rendering Black Snake 3D Model

3D Rendering Services

With our experience in creating 3D Renderings for e-Commerce, Advertisement, Commercials, Presentations, Product Design and Architecture, we offer you a complete solution for your next big project. Whether you are a sole entrepreneur or a large business, we offer you scalability depending on your needs. We have quote based pricing with discounts for big batches of renderings as well as fast production times with the highest quality on the market.


  • Airliner 3D Model
  • Star Wars Storm Trooper 3D Model
  • HPV 3D Model
  • Black Snake 3D Model
  • Iron Throne 3D Model

3D Scanning Services

We are expanding our scanning services as well as our knowledge in the field of Photogrammetry. With our extensive experience, we offer a wide range of services using technologies like 3D Scanning, Macro, Areal and Video Photogrammetry with which we can capture any objects such as small items, large buildings, aerial scenes, shiny and transparent objects. Also, we offer on-site scanning of assets for businesses that are embracing the shift towards the interactable 3D presentation of products. Our scanning services include both indoor and outdoor 3D scanning, with our custom made rig we can shoot and recreate even the micro level detail.

  • Conference Pear 3D Model
  • Pumpkin 3D Model
  • Clay Pot 3D Model
  • Broken Concrete Pieces 3D Models
  • Granny Smith Apple 3D Model
  • Ginger Roots 3D Models
Ginger Root 3D ModelGinger Root 3D Scan

How We Do It

First and most important, we provide personal attention to you. We go through a process in which we define the scope of the work, based on the information you provide. Together we work out suitable requirements as well as set up time tables for the project and establish milestones.

We don't just create 3D content for you. We give you a whole creative team that you can rely on. A personalised creative group of 2D and 3D artists that works for you as a part of your company and adjusts to your needs. If you are looking for an on-demand creative company, we are the right studio for you. We specialise in working with businesses and individuals that need a project-based creative 3D squad with versatile expertise. Whether you are a growing company or a studio with multiple divisions or a single entrepreneur in need of 3D services, we can help you out.