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Who we are

Tornado Studios is an outsourcing 3D company and a developer of photorealistic 3D models for games, movies, presentations, architectural visualization and design. We are a diverse team of passionate 3D artists with many years of experience. There isn't anything that we cannot turn into 3D, big or small, organic or artificial we know how to create it digitally. For us, quality is the only thing that matters in the long run. We are always dedicated to make our clients happy and to deliver more than expected. Our mission is to create stunning 3D for our clients and to help as many people as possible, visualize their ideas and dreams into digital art.

  • Martin Kostov CEO
  • Ivo Jovchev Art Director
  • Simeon Jekov Senior Lead Artist
  • Miroslav Petkov Lead Artist
  • Iliyan Dimitrov Lead Artist
  • Ivo Minchev 3D Artist
  • Mladen Popov 3D Artist
  • Biser Borislavov 3D Artist
  • Viktor Dimitrov 3D Artist
  • Momchil Slavov Junior 3D Artist

The Team

We are a collaboration of young, passionate and talented 3D artists, sharing the same goal of perfection in the production of photorealistic 3D assets, presentations and animations. Most of us started learning 3D at a young age, so we already have more than ten years of experience behind our backs. We are efficient, quick, and with a keen eye for detail. Our lead artists are working closely together at our headquarters based in Ruse, Bulgaria. The rest of our artists are spread across the country and the world, working as freelancers and outside consultants. We pride ourselves in always being able to handle the workload thanks to our can-do attitude and willingness to work hard to reach the targets.


  • For several years we have worked with Tornado Studios to produce very high quality 3D models to meet a variety of our needs. They have consistently demonstrated that they are able to produce models quickly while maintaining a high level or both visual and technical quality control over a wide range of model and software types.
    Mark Dunn , Vice President of Product at Turbosquid
  • Tornado Studios consistently delivers the highest quality product and has set itself apart from their competitors by their steadfast and uncompromising attention to detail. They have shown a willingness to work with me in fulfilling key project specs and an openness to make revisions until all expectations are met. We have planned a 3D model together and they were able to see it through from a concept to a fully integrated and fully formed finished product as we discuss the evolution of the model along every phase along the way. They have never disappointed in overcoming technical challenges that present themselves during the life cycle of a project.
    Tom Szczerbowski, Photographer & Graphic Designer
  • Thank you for the great designs and quick feedback loop. We enjoyed working with you and are pleased with the final results. Looking forward to working together again.
    Hadas Schragenehim, Director, RP Solutions Business Unit at Stratasys
  • We’ve worked closely with Tornado Studios to generate visual images and animations showcasing the inner workings of infectious diseases. With the highest level of quality required both from the artistic side as well as scientifically where we’ve showcased processes never before illustrated. We’ve been most impressed with the results exceeding our vision while managing to maintain and showcase the science. Difficult timelines have been held without deviance and our wishes have always been realized and visualized beyond our expectations. We are most pleased and will continue to work closely with Tornado Studios.
    Theodor Pramer, CEO of Biomedrex Genetics

Start a Project

We are always open to working on exciting and engaging projects. Reach out if you want to work with us.