Shutterstock buys Turbosquid 3D Marketplace

Turbosquid Becomes Part of Shutterstock

11 February 2021 by martin

The 3D industry is thrilled about the upcoming acquisition of Turbosquid by the leading creative platform Shutterstock. The transaction is set to close in early February 2021. With this Shutterstock will become the world’s largest 3D marketplace with strong strategic fit and meaningful revenue synergies. The 3D world truly enters a new era!

We have always been proud of the fact that Turbosquid is the marketplace we have chosen to sell our 3D assets. Our exclusive contract allows us to receive higher revenues and gives us access to the best perks that Turbosquid can offer. You can read more about 3D assets and our relationship with Turbosquid from our blog post - 3D Assets - what they are and how to use them.

Turbosquid kept its supreme position as a 3D industry leader for over 20 years. At that time the marketplace offered a unified 3D workflow and provided customers with more than a million 3D models. Additionally, a 2D marketplace derived from the 3D objects on the platform later on. Founded in 2000, Turbosquid has helped top 3D artists worldwide to receive accelerated time to market and reduction in development hours via its proprietary technology. With Turbosquid the creation, optimization and monetization, and publishing of 3D models became easier and profitable.

The new owner of Turbosquid is constantly aiming for innovation and monitoring the creative roadmap with the help of its clients. Shutterstock will utilize the experience and potential of Turbosquid to make the distribution of 3D accessible to its community of creators and marketers in various industries such as gaming, video, e-commerce, and beyond. 

The move is both a talent and an IP acquisition and with it Shutterstock’s customers will get access to raw materials for making images from scratch. Therefore the future of photography might not need to involve a camera at all. Bear this in mind next time when you take a look at some stock photos. They might actually be CGI representations instead of real-life objects.

Shutterstock is not just a stock photo company. In fact, in addition to its stock photos and content and image editing tools, the company is also known for its content creation platform - Shutterstock Studios. The acquisition of Turbosquid suggests deepening interest in content creation and the possibility to help 3D models of going mainstream. This might happen with an easy to use toolset that markets without any photo editing expertise can use for their work. 

According to TurboSquid’s Chief Executive Officer Matt Wisdom, Shutterstock is the company in the world that best understands the creative landscape. This visionary leadership and tech innovation of Shutterstock creates the perfect conditions that will allow Turbosquid and its employees to continue doing what they do best - the creation and building of a 3D powerhouse and cloud-based digital asset management solution.

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