Character 3D Models

A 3D character model is any human, animal, being or an inanimate object, that has personality which is pictured in any digital art form. The processes of giving human or animal characteristics to any subject are called personification -anthropomorphism and zoomorphism. And a 3D representation of those characters is called a 3D Character model, which is created within a specialized 3D software. 

What we do

Creating 3D Characters is one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of our job. Every character has it's own story to tell and part of that story "leaks out" from the first moment you lay eyes upon it. The body, face, clothing, hair all give the viewer some clues about the back story and the nature of the character. Our role is to design and then visualize the concepts that our clients wish to see. Turning an idea and a set of characteristics to a complete 3D model that you can then animate or pose is what we do regularly. Each of the characters receives attributions like human traits, emotions, intentions, and movement usually designed by conceptual rules of the imaginary world they live in. 3D avatars are purposefully created not only for Video Games, Movies, Animation, and Documentaries but also in Marketing, Presentations and Commercials.

Types of 3D Characters

In general, they are divided into two major categories based on their characteristics: Fictional and Real-life. Fictional 3D Characters are entirely conceptual and are the brainchild of the artist's imagination, while on the other hand, real-life 3D Characters need to believable from the real world. An example would be animals in the forest, birds in the sky or human characters ( or parts of characters ). The most substantial benefit of using 3D Characters is that they can be an artistic mix between the two categories. Based on the initial idea, the artist can create almost endless combinations of characteristics and features to create unique variations of people/creatures. They can be a combination of any category of subjects and objects. Types like Humans, Animals, Creatures, Monsters, Mechanical parts, Vehicles, Aircraft, Sci-fi, Aliens, etc. are just a small part of everything that consists of the known and imaginary worlds that are involved in.