Custom Work

Iron Man Flying Rigged 3D Model

Custom 3D Services

As a 3D graphics and animation studio, we offer a wide range of 3D services to our clients. Our production specializes in the creation of photorealistic 3D models that are highly compatible between software and game engines. This is why in the last several year's businesses and individuals around the world have chosen our outsourcing services. We provide 3D Models that are used in Movies, Games, AR & VR (augmented and virtual reality), Architecture, 3D Printing, Advertising, Software Development etc. Our team is proficient in rigging and animation for organic and non-organic models, ranging from characters and animals to machinery and simulations.

  • Paper Wasp Praying Mantis 3D models
  • Coconut 3D Model
  • Brain 3D Model
  • Salamander 3D Model
  • Factory 3D Model

3D Modeling

  • Single Product Modeling
  • Batch of Products
  • Vehicle Modeling
  • Game-Ready Modeling
  • Character Modeling
  • Architectural Modeling
  • Custom Modeling
  • Product Design
  • Prototyping 

3D Rendering

  • Low priority scenes
  • High-Resolution 
  • Animation rendering
  • Architectural Rendering
  • Optimisation Report
  • Modifying your scene
  • Support for your scene
  • Post-production


3D Scanning

  • Simple Product 
  • Complex Product
  • Reflective Objects 
  • Outdoor Scanning
  • Vehicle Scanning
  • Industrial Scanning
  • Terrain Scanning
  • Material Scanning


3D Printing

  • Action Figures
  • Prototyping Models
  • Characters
  • Architectural Models
  • Vehicles Models
  • Mass 3D Printing


Rig & Animation

  • Character Rigging
  • Mechanical Rigging
  • Architectural Animation
  • Product Animation
  • Educational Animation


Custom 3D Modeling

Custom 3D Modeling - The creation of any shape, form or concept both organic and hard surface. Our modeling team has years of experience in creating thousands of 3D assets for commercial use. We can create 3D representations of real objects from photos and videos as well as sketches and blueprints. Here are some of our specialities: Vehicles, Architecture, Characters, Anatomy, Microbiological objects, Animals, Toys, Equipment and many others. Our output geometry is 90% to 100% quads, which makes it perfect for animation, games, 3D printing and production. Also, we can offer you a concept design of scenes as well as products.

  • Drums Set 3D Model
  • Airbus A320 3D Model
  • Cardboard Box with Taylor Gold Pears 3D Model
  • Dragon Origamy 3D Model
  • Dragon Fly 3D Model
  • HBV 3D Model

Single Asset vs Batch Production

In the past four years, we developed a production pipeline that is now extremely efficient in the production of any 3D model. Our capacity grows steadily, and currently, we can produce between 20 and 70 assets per month, depending on the complexity of the models. We can embed and then implement a single product or a whole series of products ( batch ), within our production list with the same efficiency and without wasting time.

  • Low Complexity 3D Model Examples
  • Medium Complexity 3D Model Examples
  • Medium Complexity 3D Model Examples
  • High Complexity 3D Model Examples
  • High Complexity 3D Model Examples
  • Kaffir Lime 3D Model
  • Onion Yellow 3D Model
  • Old Gear Scan 3D Model
  • Watermelon 3D Model

Scanning Services

We have developed our photogrammetry setup both for indoor and outdoor scanning. That allows us to be flexible in the photography of different types of objects small, medium and large. In the last four months, we have created more than 150 scanned 3D models with an extremely high level of detail and accuracy. Once we have the raw scan data, we run through a series of steps to recreate the geometry and project the detail and texture information on to it. Once that is done, we process each 3D asset with the PBR metallic-roughness workflow.

Customization & Fixes

Whenever you find yourself struggling with a problematic 3D model or a scene, know that you don't have to keep wasting your time and energy. It is far better for you to concentrate on the big picture of the project and let someone else do the heavy lifting. This is where we come in, contact us with details regarding your model or scene, and we will make sure to rework or change anything that is not to your liking. This may include fixing or remaking geometry, textures and materials. In other cases, it may involve adding detail, creating variations or poses. 

  • Paper Wasp Poses 3D Models
  • Popcorn Poses 3D Models
  • DeLorean 3D Models
  • Ironman Poses 3D Models
  • Killer Whale 3D Model
  • Male Mannequin 3D Model
  • Octopus 3D Model
  • Sea Turtle 3D Model
  • Black Snake 3D Model

Rigging & Animation

Through the years, we have been involved in a series of rigging and animation jobs that ranged from mechanical and architectural visualizations, through simulations, character animations and subatomic presentations. Recently we have been involved in the creation of custom rigs for animals and insects, as well as walk cycles and animations of biological processes. Contact us for more information regarding storyboarding, rigging and animation.

3D Printing

We have years of experience creating 3D assets for 3D printing and production. Right now, in our catalogue, there are thousands of 3D-print-ready models, just waiting to be turned into tangible 3D items. People all around the world have trusted us to create a clean and precise topology for their 3D printing needs. Among those is one of the giants in the 3D printing industry - Stratasys.

Octopus 3D ModelOctopus 3D Print
Black Snake 3D Render

3D Rendering

Our speciality is the product presentation 3D renders, either for single assets or a group/scene. We offer photorealistic presentations of any commercial product as you can see from our vast 3D model collection. We can also help you with the production of architectural visualizations, both interior and exterior, as well as a wide variety of marketing renderings.

Our Experience & Skills

Pricing & Copyrights

We price our work based on the complexity of the task, the needed level of detail, and how time-consuming the process it. Once the final price is set, there are a few things that we can offer. One is that we offer a discount on batches of similar assets. If we can use and reuse certain elements, we charge less. The second thing is the copyright of the products. Simply put, if we can publish the final assets in our online 3D stock store, we offer a discount from the product price. Contact us for more information.

The Process

  • 1
    Gather information about the models(s)

    Gather information about the models(s)

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    Work Begins

    Work Begins

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    Your Bill

    Your Bill

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    Download Your Assets

    Download Your Assets