Frequently Asked Questions


What is 3D?

3D references to Three-Dimensional and the three dimensions are the length, width and height. In contrast, 2D is constrained to a flat surface of only length and width. Our reality is 3D with the 4th dimension being time. When we refer to 3D on this website, we are talking about the simulated 3D space within software, games, apps, television and movies. Also real-life applications such as 3D Printing.

How to Use 3D?

3D is used in many industries around the world, and more are joining all the time. From the prominent - computer games, movies and 3D printing to uses in medicine, architecture, engineering, product design, manufacturing, marketing, AR & VR etc.

What is 3D Modeling?

3D Modeling is a process of producing a 3D model using specialized software and tools. With 3D Modeling, any real-world object can be represented (or copied correctly) within 3D. Most products that we use in our modern society have been first designed using 3D before they end up on the shelf for us to buy. Different types of 3D Modeling are used for different scenarios. For example, there is box modeling - using a simple box or a cube as a starting point to create a 3D model ( 3D vehicle ). Other types of 3D Modeling are spline modeling, NURBS modeling, image-based Modeling, digital sculpting etc.  

What is 3D Rendering?

3D Rendering is a process done by a computer to visualize a 3D object or scene into a picture or a sequence of images ( video ). All of this happens within a specialized 3D Software or Game Engine. The 3D rendering process is one of the final steps in the creation of 3D Art. First, the 3D modeling, as well as unwrapping of the UVs, Texturing and Material ( Shader ) work, gets done, then you put in the lights, and finally, you proceed to render out the final result. This result can then be used in a variety of ways as a static image or a sequence of images. 

How to use 3D Rendering?

3D Rendering can be used in many different ways. You can use 3D renderings to showcase your product or your idea ( design ). You can use 3D Rendering to visualize your future home or the one of your client. 3D renderings form up games and movies as well as augmented and virtual realities. 3D renderings are often used in marketing, where they are very effective because they offer flexibility, producing many variations and different setups efficiently. Scientists also use 3D renderings to visualize objects and processes that cannot be observed otherwise or are too abstract for a person to imagine effectively.

What is a 3D Animation?

A 3D Animation is a video file produced in a specialized 3D software or with the help of a 3D software mixed into a live-action scene. Animations are created in single frames that are then stitched together to produce the final effect of the objects moving. The number of structures that are present in 1 second of animation varies, and it is called Frame Rate. Regular frame rates seen in movies and television are between 24fps and 60fps.

How can 3D help my business?

3D can help your business in several different ways. For starters, it can help you to design and test your products before you start manufacturing them. Then once the product is complete 3D helps you to market it better. The most significant power of 3D presentations and visualizations is the fact that they can help the viewer ( customer ) experience your product online without seeing it in person. Nowadays you can strap on a Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) headset while you are choosing furniture for your home and see that furniture projected into your living space. You can then move it around and change colors to see how exactly your living room or bedroom is going to look if you decide to buy that sofa.

Can you make my product into 3D?

We most certainly can! There are different techniques and tools that we use to turn any given object into a 3D Model. We can create the 3D model of the product using photos and blueprints, or we can 3D Scan it using our photogrammetry setup. In any case, the result is a photorealistic 3D asset that looks exactly like the original product. You can then use this 3D model in any way you like to present your products functionality, style, usage and much more. You can easily show color variations as well as the product within a specific environment or interacting with its surroundings or other products.

What 3D Formats do you support?

We support most 3D formats or can export files that can be used in most popular 3D software out there. For more information, contact us, explaining your specific needs.


How can I order a custom 3D model?

All you have to do is contact us and explain your needs. We will then brainstorm your project and come back with solutions. If you like the solutions, we can work together to figure out the rest.

Can you fix/update my 3D model?

Yes, we can! However, if the model is beyond repair, we will let you know at the beginning as to not waste any time or money.

Can you rig my 3D model?

Yes, we can! The most important thing when rigging a 3D model, especially a 3D model that we didn't create ourselves is the quality of the geometry ( 3D surface of the model ). Clean and proper topology lines, as well as the use of main quads, are some of the things needed for a 3D rig to work correctly. If we haven't created the model ourselves, we will carefully inspect it and let you know if it is suitable for rigging.

Can you make me into a 3D Figure?

Yes, we love to create digital humans! All we need are photos, lots of them. We are developing our own photogrammetry human scanning dome, and in the future, you will be able to visit us for a quick photo session. For now, you will have to work with a friend or do it yourself with a camera. Contact us for more information.

Can you 3D print my model?

We would love to 3D print your model. All we have to do is sift through the geometry so that we can make sure everything is in order. If we find something that may cause printing problems we will suggest a solution so that the 3D asset can print without any issues.

Can you scan my product?

Yes, we have the photogrammetry setup that allows us to scan many different types of objects. You can find out more about the specific scanning services that we offer here. For additional information about shipments and scanning schedule, please contact us.

Do you do product design?

Yes, we have experience in designing commercial products. To do so, we will need a lot of information from out, as well as any preliminary sketches, blueprints or sculpts. Once we know what your vision for the design and functionality of the product is, we can begin work and offer you solutions. 

Do you do architectural visualizations?

We do have experience in creating architectural visualizations for clients. We are picky about the projects that we choose to involve ourselves in. If you would like to learn more, contact us with specific information about your architectural 3D visualization.

Can you turn my high poly model into a game-ready asset?

Yes, the process is called decimation. We take the original (high-poly) model and create a brand new low poly geometry. We then bake the detail from both the mesh and the texture onto the new geometry. A few finishing steps after that, and the asset is ready for in-game action. Also, we create LODs for further exposure to in-game scenes.

Do you do complete 3D Scenes or only individual models?

We have a ton of experience in creating individual 3D models, and we also have a lot of experience in organizing those 3D assets into the scene for animation and still shots. At the beginning of each scene project, we need a lot of information about your vision and ideas. At this point, it is best to send us all types of sketches, photo examples and other references you may have. We then develop the idea further with concept drawings as well as block out and examples of assets that could be used in the scene. Once the concept is agreed upon we start to develop the 3D assets that will be used in the scene, or start to modify existing assets to fit the needs of the client.

Can you handle large batches of 3D models at once?

Our production never stops, and we are used to creating many models per month. Based on the complexity of the geometry and texturing work, we can produce between 20 and 100 3D models per month. For a more in-depth look into our production capabilities, please visit our 

How can I order?

Contact us and explain your needs. We will reply within 24h to let you know how we can help.

How can I pay?

We accept credit card payments as well as Paypal and direct bank transfer.