Highly Detailed Models

  • Femur Scanned 3D Model

What we do

We specialize in the creation of highly detailed, photorealistic 3D models that are suitable for use in movies, animations, close-up shots and presentations. Since in many cases "Highly Detailed" also means with a high-density polygonal mesh ( high poly ), we do our best to find an optimized solution between polycount and detail. This is where the texturing work comes to play. The right texture can make a good 3D model look fantastic.   We use techniques like photogrammetry and scanning, to turn real-world objects into photorealistic 3D assets.

  • Deloran Flying 3D Model
  • Computer Case With Components
  • Human Jawbone Mandible 3D Model
  • Spanish Galleon Ship 3D Model
  • Ice Hockey Arena 3D Model

High Poly vs Game-Ready

As mentioned above, highly detailed 3D models have dense polygonal mesh to be used in Movies. On the other hand, 3D Models that are used in games usually have a lower polygon count, and this is especially true for mobile games. With the development of computer technology and real-time engines, game models are getting more and more detailed. This is why in the next years we will see computer games' graphics get more and more movie-like, where the gaming experience is indistinguishable from a live-action movie. The key to all of that is the supply of photorealistic 3D models that can be easily mixed with live footage without the viewer being able to tell the difference. Every day we explore new and better ways to produce photorealistic assets.

Red Potato 3D Model High PolyRed Potato Game Ready 3D Model
  • Photogrammetry Setup Example


We have developed our propriety pipeline for 3D scanning, that allows us to produce pretty much any object into an exact 3D replica. We went to the point where there is no visible difference between the two. Our method of choice is photogrammetry, assuring a high level of detail both in geometry and texture results. The texture size output for our 3D models is up to 16k x 16k pixels, which means a stunning amount of detail is preserved. With that amount of micro-detail, the 3D assets can be rendered from up close, without alerting the viewer that they are seeing a 3D model. Once the object of choice is photographed and calculated we run it through a rigorous process of creating an easy to use geometry. We combine that with perfect PBR textures/materials that are ready for close up renderings and real-time engine usage.


Presentations and Simulations

When it comes to animating and presenting movement, it is essential to get the dynamics right. So photorealism is one side of the coin, the other is the natural expression of movement, interaction and speed within the animation. We have experience in creating different types of simulations and interactions between objects. Some of our skills include the creation of cloth, water, breaking of objects, smoke, fire, hair and fur simulations and others.

  • Ice Hockey Goal Ripped Net 3D Model
  • Viruses 3D Models

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Highly Detailed 3D models?

Highly detailed 3D models, as their name suggest, are 3D assets that have a very high level of detail. Such models are typically used in movies, marketing and any CGI that is used for close up shots. Such a model can be very elaborate as well as time-consuming to produce. An example of a highly detailed model is a digital double of an actor. That is used for dangerous scenes or to replace the person entirely if that actor is not available, for example.

How to use Highly Detailed 3D models?

As mentioned in the answer above, highly detailed 3D models are used within a higher tier of productions and projects. That means that those 3D assets are usually used by 3D professionals ( 3D artists).

What is your production capacity per month?

Our monthly production capacity can vary throughout the year. This is due to the complexity of the assets we are producing. On average, we provide 40 to 50 unique 3D assets per month. But our monthly capacity can be anything between 10 and 100 3D models, depending on the difficulty of the assets.

Can I use the highly detailed 3D model for 3D printing?

You most certainly can! We have 3D printed many of our 3D assets, and you can see examples here. We have also worked on 3D printable models for clients such as Stratasys. Each 3D model can be edited to make it suitable for 3D printing. If you have a specific one in mind, that you have found in our catalogue, feel free to contact us.

Can I use the highly detailed 3D model for animations / presentations?

Yes, you can! Our models are well prepared not only for close static shots but for animation and posing. Of course, there are many different cases and scenarios, and this is why every project is adequately discussed. If you have chosen specific models from our catalogue, feel free to contact us.