Product Development

Product development is the process of transforming an original idea into a finished product. Although it differs by the industry, it can be broken down into five stages:

  • Idea
  • Research
  • Concept (Here is our expertise )
  • 3D Design (Here is our expertise )
  • Physical Prototyping
  • Production

As a creative team, we excel in artistic stages of the Product Development Process - Concept and 3D Design.

The Concept stage consists of planning your designs with a hand-drawn sketch of what the product should look like.

The sketching goes through iterations to pin down the desired design and the more its narrowed, the more detailed it gets.

Afterwards comes the 3D Design process in which the concept sketches are turned into a 3D version that can be inspected and tested from every angle.

The 3D design usually involves experimenting with multiple versions of your product. Often, there are various versions of shapes, colors, materials and functionality.
The best feature of the 3D design is that it's much more accessible, cheaper and efficient way to make changes and create iterations.
You can see a new variation in a couple of hours instead of days.

Another great feature is that any 3D Design can be 3D Printed and inspected physically, for just a fraction of the cost compared to the traditional prototyping.

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