Airliner A320

Airliner A320

17 September 2018

Recently we had the pleasure to work on this exciting project where the goal was to get a realistic 3D game model for real-time rendering.

Airliner A320 Flying Bottom

We used a PBR workflow for the geometry and textures.

For the look development, we build a scene in Marmoset Toolbag with a calibrated lighting of realistic above the clouds view that allowed us to improve the realism in the 3D model.

Airliner A320 Back Side
Airliner A320 Front Cabin

We build a robust rig that allows the airliner to be animated as the real one. We added a turbulence feature for the wings to simulate the experience during flight.

Topology is optimized for the use of close-ups in production renders as well as for game engine. The rig is built for production renders only.

Airliner A320 Wireframe
Airliner A320 Rig Controls

Everything that we show comes with minimal to no colour correction and represent the quality that comes out from the game engine.

Like what you see and want a similar project build for you? Don't hesitate to contact us with your idea!

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