Apple I

Apple I

31 January 2016

With this post we are truly bringing out the woodwork. We present to you non other than the first Apple computer ever built. And no, we didn't dig it out from the garage of Steve Jobs' parents, we got the next best thing - photos from the internet. 

Apple I Beauty

Don't be fooled by the design and materials used, this computer is historical and we are proud to have created a 3D version of it. With this asset we used 3Ds Max, Zbrush and Photoshop, there were no major challenges, other than getting the design right. 

Apple I Keypad

The texturing work was a bit tricky because of the type and ware/dirt of the wood used to create the body of the computer. As far as personal projects for our 3D Stock Catalog go this one was one of the most exciting to create. Probably because everyone on the team is a major geek but that is to be expected in our industry. We took our sweet time with this asset and spent almost 6 days on it, but at least in the end we are very proud of the end result.

Apple I Top

All of our models sold exclusively on TurboSquid are held and inspected to the highest industry standards for quality - CheckMate. As such we don't do any post production on the renders, you can check the model in our catalog by clicking on the link further down to see the pure renders produced from 3Ds Max. In these showcase images however some minor post production was done in Photoshop, mainly to better blend the model with the background ( environment ). 

Apple I Wireframe

We used V-ray to create the images and turntable. Check out more renders and more epic models in our catalog HERE.

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