Apple Macintosh 128k

Apple Macintosh 128k

1 January 2016

This Apple product truly needs no introduction as it is a historic computer that set the stage for modern workstations. The Macintosh 128k or just Macintosh as it was first introduced in 1984 is a masterpiece of design and innovation for it's time.

Apple Macintosh 128k Keyboard

It would have been a crime for us to create a big collection of apple products and not include the first Macintosh ever built. Everything was created in 3Ds Max using Photoshop for the creation of the textures and some final compositing on the beauty renders. The model was created for our internal needs and catalog.

Apple Macintosh 128k Front




Only reference images found online we used as well as some basic information regarding the size and proportions.The overall process took 6 days from start to finish as we overcame some hurdles on the way. 

Apple Macintosh 128k Pose

All the renders for this model and all other models in our catalog are made with V-ray. 

Apple Macintosh 128k Top





We are proud that all of our 3D Stock Assets are thoroly checked and inspected. All of them are certified to the industry's highest standards - CheckMate.

Apple Macintosh 128k Wireframe



As always don't just take our word for it go to our Turbosquid Catalog and see for yourself. Check out the model featured in this post HERE.


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