Apple Macintosh Portable

Apple Macintosh Portable

27 January 2016

 This gadget is Apple's first battery-powered portable personal computer. Even though this is not the most popular of the company's product line, the PowerBook 170 is a historical machine that has its own contribution to the development of the computer industry.

Apple Macintosh Portable Front

   As with the rest of the assets in our Apple collection the modeling was done purely from photos and information found online. 3Ds Max was used from start to finish with some extra help from our good friend Photoshop ( for the texturing work ). 

Apple Macintosh Portable Mouse




  From start to finish the process took 3 days to complete. As part of our internal production the PowerBook 170 passes all industry standards for quality, the model has a Pro Certificate from Turbosquid. 

Apple Macintosh Portable Closeup
Apple Macintosh Portable Wireframe





But don't take just our word for it, check it out by yourself HERE.


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