Black Snake

Black Snake

6 August 2017

We are very pleased to show you our new artwork. Most of our showcase is filled with non-organic hard surface models, so we wanted to break the ice and show you something from the animal kingdom. For this asset, we were going for a generic black snake that is deadly and ready to strike.

Black Snake Beauty Shot

Here we used one of our own assets straight from TurboSquid:

A great feature that we want to highlight is the dual workflow compatibility of our assets.
Since our products are built on PBR, we decided to add a sky and a ground to the model and show how good they can look. The result you see is without any color-correction, overpainting or major editing.

Black Snake Textures Preview

If you wonder what the scene looks like, here is a shot behind the scenes. For lighting, we used HDRI environment and a Sun, while the ground is a displaced surface.

Black Snake Software Preview

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to leave us a comment on our social media page.

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