3D Treasure and bones in a cave scene

Hidden Treasure

20 October 2020

Through the years we have created a lot of great photorealistic 3D stock models, and now it is time to start combining those 3D assets into full scenes. In this showcase, you will see several different models from our catalog combined. In the center of the composition is the treasure and scattered around it are the bones of those that dared to try and take it. Creepy right?

No adventure is real and exciting unless there is a grand prize awaiting the brave explorers at its end. In our case, this is a 3D model of an old (perhaps even ancient) wooden chest with iron fittings. Its large handles are fit for the strong treasure hunters that will try to move it from its hidden location. 
Will they succeed? The answer lies in the CGI representations of scattered bones and the photorealistic skull of one treasure hunter who was cursed to remain the chest’s eternal guardian. His failure is to be a warning to any who dares to take the grand prize, hidden in the mystic 3D cave that is part of a large mountain range. 

The 3D asset of that range depicts how mother nature has grown various trees on each hill. They hide the paths that may lead to the mystic cave and the 3D bird models flying above them scout through the fogs, always ready to signal the cave guardians for intruders.

Now let’s see what is exactly in the 3D chest. We see CGI necklaces made of rear pearls that once belonged to beautiful and charismatic ladies. Next to them, we can see cups made of gold and silver inlaid with gems. Various photorealistic rubies, amethysts and other rare items are in that chest. And of course the golden coins. The one-way ticket for a happy and prosperous life if you can take but a small pile of them. Or maybe they are a distinct shortcut to your doom?

Will you dare to try to find and enter the mystic cave? One can only wonder what other monsters of the ancient days and death traps are in the darkness. But the pure of heart and the ones brave enough to risk it all can be rewarded for their efforts.

If you like what is combined in our showcase of 3D assets and want a similar 3D design for your project, do not hesitate to give us a call and our dedicated team will assist you with pleasure.

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