Iron Throne

Iron Throne

28 April 2016

  Inspired by the famous TV show based on the book series "A Song Of Ice And Fire", here is our version of the Iron Throne. We chose to follow the design form the TV screen rather than the one in the books where the throne is much bigger and uglier looking.

Iron Throne Middle

The model was created for our 3D Stock library at Turbosquid within a week. All of our stock 3D assets are presented without any post-production in the catalogue, however, some artwork was done here to create an interesting showcase composition.

Iron Throne Beauty Render Dark



  Bellow in the post you can see the clean renders directly from 3Ds Max. The biggest challenge we had in creating the Iron Throne was figuring out how the blades are laced together. We used references found online as well as scenes from Game of Thrones TV show to figure it out. Once we were clear on the design we created several different blade handles and organized them into groups for easier mapping and texturing. So after a few days of going back and forward between modeling and visual inspection, we were certain the shapes we right and we proceeded to finalize the model. You can find the final 3D asset in our online model library at Turbosquid HERE.

Iron Throne Coposition
Iron Throne Wireframe
Iron Throne Screenshot

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