Mobile Carwash

Mobile Carwash

19 September 2018

Our recent collaboration with Polir Carwash was an excellent opportunity for our Production team, as it offered a perfect chance to experiment with the scope of the realism that would best compliment, showcase and aid the launch of Polir Carwash’s new innovative product - The Mobile Carwash.

Before the reveal of the Mobile Carwash, our team began a collaboration with Polir Carwash to understand and better market the new product. We worked closely with the owner to perfect the final output and achieve high visual quality to support the launch of this brand new innovative product.

We build an animation to highlight the precise movement of the innovative platform, and with the realistic outdoor environment, we simulated the way the mobile carwash is going to be used. The goal was to build an elegant semi-business, semi-residential area as the new service is suitable for both environments.

With the high-resolution video, we were able to portray the quality and reliableness of the customer's experience with the new Mobile Carwash platform, as well as capture the ease of use of the product. 
We were able to further highlight the brilliance of the Mobile Carwash through a range of images produced for the product’s international design patent.

We also collaborated with a recording studio to produce the audio track that would perfectly compliment the animation and give the customers a better understanding of the features of the new Mobile Carwash. 


Client: Polir Carwash

Client Logo Preview
Platform Preview
Car On Platform
Water Spray on Car
Platform Solo Preview
Platform with Top

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