Opportunity Rover

Opportunity Rover

29 January 2016

"Mars is the only known planet inhabited solely by robots. " - Here is our representation of the Opportunity Rover, known as MER-B, on a Mars mission since 2004 and created in 3Ds Max by Tornado Studios :) 

Opportunity Rover Pose

 We spent a lot of time on this asset, from research to the final renders the project took a month to complete. The main obstacle of course was finding good references of which there are a few. 

Opportunity Rover Front and Back

The other showstopper was the amount of details itself. Massive amounts of modeling went in to creating everything. Of course as they say "No pain, no gain", after all the hard work we are proud to present to you the Opportunity Rover. All the renders were created using V-ray and Photoshop was used to create some of the textures. No post production has been done on the render except for the Showcase beauty shot. The asset is a proud owner of a Checkmate Pro Certification Badge from Turbosquid's Inspectors. 

Opportunity Rover Wireframe

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