Stormtrooper Portrait

Stormtrooper Portrait

25 September 2016

As huge fans of Star Wars universe, we feel very inspired for the upcoming movie and we cannot go without a fan art for it!

Here is our small contribution to the countless art pieces representing the amazing stories of George Lucas.

Our very own Stormtrooper is performing his guard duties with ease, while his armor is giving us a glimpse of what he had been through while defending The Empire.

Stormtrooper Beauty Shot

Full portrait of one proud to serve Stormtrooper.

Stormtrooper Helmet
Stormtrooper Blood
Stormtrooper Body
Stormtrooper Details







Here you can see some close-ups to showcase the amount of detail that his armour managed to absorb.

Stormtrooper Screenshot
Stormtrooper Software Preview















And of course, we cannot go without a couple of shots behind the scene where this portrait was made.

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