Vehicle 3D Models

Peugeot 508 Black Background 3D Model


We love creating 3D Vehicles! This is one of the reasons many of our artists got captivated by the 3D Industry and are now leading experts in creating stunning 3D Vehicles. Our team have years of experience in helping businesses by creating realistic 3D Vehicle Rendering. Whether you need a Vehicle 3D model, or a full-blown animation for your future game, movie or product presentation, we can offer you the best solution based on your need.

Peugeot 508 Blue 3D ModelPeugeot 508 Wireframe 3D Model

What is 3D Vehicle?

Creating 3D Vehicle is a leading approach to great marketing and advertisement campaigns. Using 3D Vehicles is a very engaging method to showcase the benefits of your products. With 3D vehicles, you can create stunningly beautiful artistic imagery that you cannot do in real life, or it would be unreasonably expensive to make it possible. Not only for the stunningly beautiful renders but also its extreme cost-efficiency. Usually, the creation of a 3D Vehicle and the real Photoshoot have very similar costs. However, with the photoshoot, you can have only the imagery that took on that day, while the 3D Vehicle can be easily used to create an additional representation that fits precisely to your vision. No more compromising with the vehicles, lighting, camera work and the quality of your products. 3D Vehicle is the tool that you need to stop settling for less and shoot for your vision.


3D Vehicle modelling

Building realistic Vehicle from scratch is a complicated and somewhat time-consuming process. Through the past ten years, our Vehicle 3D Artists have perfected a pipeline that will give you high-quality models with surgical precision without burning a hole in your pocket. We have dedicated a team that is devoted to the art of producing realistic 3D vehicle models. We can work with existing CAD Data, reference images or sketches and concepts with a custom specification for your unique Vehicle. Usually, the more data you have, the more suitable and more cost-efficient the process of 3D Vehicle modelling will be. However, if you don’t have any data, but just an idea, we can gather it for you.

3D Vehicle Rendering

Vehicle Rendering is a very vital process of producing stunning imagery. This is the process of creating materials, colours, style, lighting, cameras and many more so that your Vehicle empowers your product and boost your campaign. Here lies the main advantage over classical photography. You have complete flexibility of the outcome. 3D Vehicle Rendering is very flexible and can range from stunningly realistic vehicle to something futuristic. The 3d Renderings are perfect for your advertising media, catalogue, games, movies, presentation and all other digital media that your business relies on.

Honda Interior 3D ModelHonda Interior Wireframe 3D Model

3D Vehicle Animation

If you want to take your product to the next level, the animation is what can stunt your audience and make them fall in love with your brand. Animation of automobiles is the highest form of sending your message to the world in 3D. Whether, you imagine a fast pace racing scene or a talking car that acts like a human, with 3D Vehicle Animation this is all possible.


What is 3D Vehicle Modeling?

Vehicle 3D modeling is mostly hard surface modeling with a right eye for detail. The best and most accurate way to create a 3D car, for example, is to use a CAD file, supplied from the manufacturer. Other ways to model a vehicle is to use blueprints and photo references. This method requires much more skill and experience to pull off.

What is 3D Vehicle Rendering?

A 3D Vehicle Render is a type of computer-generated image ( CGI ) or a series of images, that can be composed into a video. The CG image is created within a 3D software using objects, lights, materials and cameras all within the 3D simulated space. You can learn more about 3D rendering and its uses in our blog post.

What is 3D Vehicle Animation?

A 3D Vehicle Animation is a CGI video where any vehicle or camera is in motion. Achieving captivating CGI Animations requires the skillset of Rigging, Animation and Rendering artists. The process of creating the ability of the movement to a vehicle is called "Rigging". This is a very technical and sometimes time-consuming process. Afterwards, the Animation artist using the rigged model creates the motion for the video. This is a very crucial part of the process that will define the overall feeling of the video. Lastly comes the rendering that takes care of the composition, lighting and materials for the animation.

How long will it take to make Vehicle 3D model?

The 3D Vehicle model is usually split into two parts - exterior and interior. The production process depends on the type of vehicle; however, usually, one full exterior of the cars take from 3-6 weeks. The same goes for the interior; sometimes, the interior is harder than the exterior and can take longer production times. For a detailed time estimate, you can contact us with details about your vehicle, and we will help you out.