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We are professional 3D Asset creators. We provide outsourcing services for large batches of 3D Models as well as individual assets and scenes.We offer a wide range of services: 3D modeling, texturing, photogrammetry, design, rigging & animation.

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  • For several years we have worked with Tornado Studios to produce very high quality 3D models to meet a variety of our needs. They have consistently demonstrated that they are able to produce models quickly while maintaining a high level or both visual and technical quality control over a wide range of model and software types.
    Mark Dunn , Vice President of Product at Turbosquid
  • Tornado Studios consistently delivers the highest quality product and has set itself apart from their competitors by their steadfast and uncompromising attention to detail. They have shown a willingness to work with me in fulfilling key project specs and an openness to make revisions until all expectations are met. We have planned a 3D model together and they were able to see it through from a concept to a fully integrated and fully formed finished product as we discuss the evolution of the model along every phase along the way. They have never disappointed in overcoming technical challenges that present themselves during the life cycle of a project.
    Tom Szczerbowski, Photographer & Graphic Designer
  • Thank you for the great designs and quick feedback loop. We enjoyed working with you and are pleased with the final results. Looking forward to working together again.
    Hadas Schragenehim, Director, RP Solutions Business Unit at Stratasys
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