3D Rendering Services

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Types of rendering services

The 3D rendering process is one of the final steps in the creation of 3D Art, where the 3D model or scene is processed into images or videos. However, in many 3D projects "3D Renderings" refer to the creation of 3D models with textures and materials to be rendered for the specific needs of the client. In other words, clients are looking for images or videos made using 3D, rather than traditional photography or cinematography.

A variety of 3D professionals regularly uses 3d Rendering services - 3D Designers, Architects (3d architectural renderings and visualizations), Manufacturers of Products, Game Producers, Movie Producers, Developers, Entrepreneurs, Interior Designers, Website Designers, Marketing Agencies etc. And let's not forget the non-professionals. They use realistic 3D rendering services to represent their products, designs or ideas better, as well as to advertise better and sell their products.

Why Tornado Studios?

The most important thing is personal attention, as well as flexible control over the results. We will help you first to crystallize your idea or design into a plan of action. Then we will do the 3D modeling, texturing and material work. In the end, once you are satisfied with the results, we use our rendering farm to finalize the project. Whether it is a high-quality 3D rendering or a video, we will help you get ready for your presentation, marketing, product launch etc. We have a wide range of experience thanks to our diverse team of 3D artists. From molecules and subatomic particle simulations to the creation of whole 3D cities for fly-by animations and architectural visualizations, we have done it all, from characters to machinery and from anatomy to environments.

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    Rendering Services

  • Individual 3D Models
  • Product Development
  • Architectural Visualizations
  • Interior Design
  • Presentations
  • Concept Design
  • Simulations & Animations


   Individual Renderings

  • Furniture
  • Machinery
  • Vehicles
  • Animals
  • Characters
  • Environment Assets
  • Product Design


   Custom Renderings

  • Animations
  • Simulations
  • Abstract Design
  • Microscopic Art
  • Particles and Fluids
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How much time does it take?

There are two main factors to be taken into account when answering such a question. You need to consider the hardware ( type and quantity ) on the one hand and the complexity of the 3D Scene on the other. For example, a single 3D model can be rendered by your personal computer for anything from 2 min to several hours or days depending on the complexity of the 3D Model. However, a 3D rendering farm can render that same 3D Model for seconds or minutes. It has a large amount of processing power which are usually much faster than the one you have at home.

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What kind of sub-services there are and how do they change the price?

Тhere are several stages that lead to the rendering process. You need to have your 3D scene pass the stages of modeling, texturing, materials and lights. In addition to all that, there is one more possible step that comes after the rendering process - Post-Production. 

In other words, post-production is used when you need to make your final images even more beautiful. It is achieved by adding color correction, effects as well as change the tonality or lighting of the scene. These manipulations are done in specialized 2D software. You can call this step Editing of the rendered images. 

Rather than change colors in the 3D scene and render again, you add special effects to make that happen and save time. Check the comparison below to see the difference between a raw image and once that has been post-produced. Contact us for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3D Rendering?

A 3D Render is a type of computer-generated image ( CGI ) or a series of images, that can be composed into a video. The CG image is created within a 3D software using objects, lights, materials and cameras all within the 3D simulated space.  You can learn more about 3D rendering and its uses in our blog post.

Where is 3D rendering used?

Nowadays 3D renderings are used everywhere around us. The technology developments through the years have brought the quality of computer-generated (CG) images to a new level. The word "photorealistic" is used to describe a 3D rendering that can be mistaken for a real photograph. 3D rendering is heavily used within the Movie industry as well as the Gaming, Augmented and Virtual reality industries. More than that, however, 3D renders are used by the marketing industry. Almost all ads and commercials we see feature a 3D model of some kind. 

What rendering engine do you use?

Through the years, we have been studying much different software as well as rendering engines. Currently, we specialize in V-ray for 3Ds Max, Maya and C4D. For more information on the specific types of render engines that we can use feel free to contact us.

What is your rendering capacity ?

Our rendering capacity varies greatly, and it is dependant on the workload. We are always in production for our clients and our 3D asset catalogue on Turbosquid.  Our render farm is constantly rendering so if you are looking for a specific estimate of your project you have to contact us so that we can then let you know if we can be of service.

Can you render my model / scene ?

We most certainly can! For us to do so, we will need more information from you.  Contact us with details about your scene, software used and desired result, and we can help you out.

Can you teach me to render like you do ?

Currently, we do not offer rendering courses as a product that you can buy. We are, however, working on slowly building our own video tutorials series for learning 3D in general. You can subscribe and stay up to date with our website and blog.

For our clients, we do offer support and help with rendering ( especially in V-ray ). If you are working with us and you need help with your renderings, we are always here to help and advice.